Experience: is what you get soon after you need it.

Experience: is what you get soon after you need it.

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Friday, December 27, 2013

11i/R12 query FND_NODES

    set lines 200
    col host_name for a11
    col node_name for a11
    col database for a10
    col concmgr for a9
    col forms for a7
    col webserver for a11
    col admin for a7
    decode(STATUS,'Y','ACTIVE','INACTIVE') Status,
    decode(SUPPORT_CP,'Y', 'YES','NO') ConcMgr,
    decode(SUPPORT_FORMS,'Y','YES', 'NO') Forms,
    decode(SUPPORT_WEB,'Y','YES', 'NO') WebServer,
    decode(SUPPORT_ADMIN, 'Y','YES', 'NO') Admin,
    decode(SUPPORT_DB, 'Y','YES', 'NO') Database
    from fnd_nodes
    where node_name != 'AUTHENTICATION' order by NODE_NAME;

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kill all the O.S process of a particular user | kill -9

Want to kill all the O.S process that are running under particular user.

UNIX$ ps -aef  | grep -i shaik | awk '{print $2}' | sed 's/^/kill -9 /' > 1.txt

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Passed Exadata 1Z0-536

Got the result today and passed the 1Z0-536 Exadata implementation specialist certification.

Those who are planning to take the test.

Read the student guide-1 atleast 4-5 times and practice IORM as many times as possible. Most of the questions are scenario based and difficulty level was easy to moderate .


From student guide-2 read the best practices and migrations, there was only one to two questions on monitoring so I wouldn't spend much time on guide-2 on the monitoring side.

Anyway it was easy and finally passed the test with 88% and now I am Oracle certified specialist..

Good luck everyone.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

EXADATA Inifiniband ILOM

If you cannot access the webpage then make sure https access is not turned off via cli after logging into IB switch.
If You disable both HTTP and HTTPS access to the switch by doing so in the Web Server Settings section in ILOM, or in paths /SP/services/http and /SP/services/https in the CLI.
It can be re-enabled in the CLI. This will not impact the EM IB switch plug-in, which relies on SNMP.

ssh into the IP switch and change the configuration as needed.

To get the IB switch details:

 cd    /opt/oracle.SupportTools/onecommand
>cat dbm.dat | grep ib
SWITCH "Switch" pda1sw-ib1
SWITCH "Switch" pda1sw-ib2
SWITCH "Switch" pda1sw-ib3

now pull the ILOM page  https://pda1sw-ib1

go to switch monitoring tab:

This will pull the switch info:


ILOM is included on certain Sun servers. If you have one of these servers, it will
include an ILOM supplement, which contains platform-specific information, such as
sensors and thresholds, and details about the hardware

The ILOM is a dedicated system of hardware and supporting software that allows
you to manage your Sun server independently of the operating system.
ILOM includes the following components:
■ Service Processor (SP) – This is the hardware. It consists of a dedicated processor
board that communicates through the system serial port and a dedicated Ethernet
■ Command-Line Interface (CLI) – The command-line interface is a dedicated
software application that allows you to operate the ILOM using keyboard
commands. You can use the command-line interface to send commands to the
ILOM. You can connect a terminal or emulator directly to the system serial port,
or connect over the Ethernet using a secure shell (ssh).
To log in to and use the CLI, see Chapter 3.
■ WebGUI – The WebGUI provides a powerful, yet easy-to-use browser interface
that allows you to log in to the SP and perform system management, monitoring,
and IPMI tasks.

Remote Console/Java™ Client – The Java Client supports the Remote Console
functionality, which allows you to access your server’s console remotely. It
redirects the keyboard, mouse, and video screen, and can redirect input and
output from the local machine’s CD and diskette drives.

If you don't have the ILOM IP address then go to:
cd  /opt/oracle.SupportTools/onecommand

>cat dbm.dat | grep ILOM
ILOM "Ilom" my1db01-ilom
ILOM "Ilom" my1db02-ilom
ILOM "Ilom" my1db03-ilom
ILOM "Ilom" my1db04-ilom
ILOM "Ilom" my1cel01-ilom

Now goto https://my1db01-ilom

Type the credentials:


 Available Tabs: