Experience: is what you get soon after you need it.

Experience: is what you get soon after you need it.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

EBS create adpatch defaults file

Lets create defaults file to make adpatch a little non-interactive:
Put addefaults.txt at a safe place and make sure it is not overwritten or deleted.
adpatch defaultsfile=/home/applmgr/SHAIK1/addefaults.env

When the adpatch asks for patch directory location then terminate the autopatch session using ctrl +c

Verify the addefaults.env is created
To use the defaults file while applying the patches just pass the above file that we created ...
adpatch defaultsfile=/home/applmgr/SHAIK1/addefaults.env logfile=XXXXX.log patchtop=/u01/stage/patches/XXXXX driver=uabc.drv interactive=no

adpatch should automatically pick up APP_TOP, ORACLE_HOME, system password and apps password from defaults file.

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