Experience: is what you get soon after you need it.

Experience: is what you get soon after you need it.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

VI Tips and Tricks

Here is my favorite list.

1)ab --> abbreviate command
:ab bbc "I am sameer shaik"
Use bbc in the vi editor and it will replace it to"I am Sameer Shaik"
2)line number
:set number
:set autoindent
4)shiftwdth for autoindent
:set shiftwidth=4
5)Ignore cases on searches
:set ignorecase
6)Switch case
~ (shift+tilda) will change the case.
7)Execute shell command in vi
xample, :!pwd to show the present working directory.
if you want to run multiple commands then use
:sh  <-- this will give you a new shell, once done CTRL D will bring you back to VI

8)save partial content
:start,endw file

9) Editing muliple files.
vi *.txt
:n <-- to go to next file
10)Repeat the previous command.
 . (period) to repeat the previous command.
11)Join Lines.
You can give J or count of the number of lines to be joined as in 3J to join 3 lines

   The following table lists the file manipulation commands which you can use when you are in vi.

:w           write back changes
:wq          write and quit
:x           write (if necessary) and quit (same as ZZ).
:e name      edit file name
:e!          reedit, discarding changes
:e + name    edit, starting at end
:e +n        edit, starting at line n
:e #         edit alternate file
:w name      write file name
:w! name     overwrite file name
:x,yw name   write lines x through y to name
:r name      read file name into buffer
:r !cmd      read output of cmd into buffer
:n           edit next file in argument list
:n!          edit next file, discarding changes to current
:n args      specify new argument list
:ta tag      edit file containing tag tag, at tag

String Matching:
$       at end of pattern, matches end of line
.       matches any character
\<      matches the beginning of a word
\>      matches the end of a word
[str]   matches any single character in str
[str]   matches any single character not in str
[x-y]   matches any character between x and y
*       matches any number of the preceding pattern

To view the currect options:
:set all
--- Options ---
  ambiwidth=single    fileformat=unix     modelines=5       noshowfulltag         ttybuiltin
noautoindent          fileignorecase      modifiable        noshowmatch           ttyfast
noautoread            fixendofline        modified            showmode            ttyscroll=999
noautowrite           formatoptions=tcq   more                showtabline=1       ttytype=xterm
noautowriteall        formatprg=          mouse=              sidescroll=0        undolevels=1000
  background=light    fsync               mousemodel=extend   sidescrolloff=0     undoreload=10000
nobackup            nogdefault            mousetime=500     nosmartcase           updatecount=200
  backupcopy=auto     helpheight=20       nrformats=bin,hex nosmarttab            updatetime=4000
  backupext=~       nohidden            nonumber              softtabstop=0       verbose=0
  belloff=            history=200         operatorfunc=     nosplitbelow          verbosefile=
nobinary            nohlsearch          nopaste             nosplitright        novisualbell
nobomb              noignorecase          pastetoggle=        startofline         warn
  buflisted           iminsert=0          patchmode=          swapfile          noweirdinvert
  cedit=^F            imsearch=0        nopreserveindent      swapsync=fsync      whichwrap=b,s
  cmdheight=1       noincsearch           prompt              switchbuf=          wildchar=<Tab>
  cmdwinheight=7    noinfercase         noreadonly            tabpagemax=10       wildcharm=0
  columns=106       noinsertmode          regexpengine=0      tabstop=8           wildignore=
nocompatible          isprint=@,161-255 norelativenumber      tagbsearch        nowildignorecase
nocopyindent          joinspaces          remap               tagcase=followic    wildmode=full
  cpoptions=aABceFs   keymodel=           report=2            taglength=0         window=104
  debug=              keywordprg=man      scroll=52           tagrelative         winheight=1
nodelcombine          laststatus=1        scrolljump=1        tags=./tags,tags  nowinfixheight
  display=truncate  nolazyredraw          scrolloff=5         tagstack          nowinfixwidth
  eadirection=both    lines=105         nosecure              term=xterm          winminheight=1
noedcompatible      nolist                selectmode=         termencoding=       winminwidth=1
  emoji               listchars=eol:$     shell=/bin/bash   noterse               winwidth=20
  encoding=utf-8      loadplugins         shellcmdflag=-c     textauto            wrap
  endofline           magic               shellquote=       notextmode            wrapmargin=0
  equalalways         matchtime=5         shelltemp           textwidth=0         wrapscan
  equalprg=           maxcombine=2        shellxquote=      notildeop             write
noerrorbells          maxmapdepth=1000    shellxescape=       timeout           nowriteany
  esckeys             maxmem=4133370    noshiftround          timeoutlen=1000     writebackup
noexpandtab           maxmemtot=4133370   shiftwidth=8        ttimeout            writedelay=0
noexrc                modeline          noshortname           ttimeoutlen=100

Monday, March 13, 2017

WARNING - 1040156 - SSL initialization failed with error code [1040132]..


Copied Maxl and other components from Essbase server to Planning server in order to run scripts from the Planning server. While logging into Maxl you may see the below error:


 Essbase MaxL Shell 64-bit - Release 11.1.2 (ESB11.
 Copyright (c) 2000, 2016, Oracle and/or its affiliates.
 All rights reserved.

MAXL> login admin XXXXX on shaikprodess.shaik.com;

 WARNING - 1040156 - SSL initialization failed with error code [1040132]..
 OK/INFO - 1051034 - Logging in user [admin@Native Directory].
 OK/INFO - 1241001 - Logged in to Essbase.

MAXL> quit ;

  MaxL Shell completed

ewallet.p12 or cwallet.sso may be corrupted or missing.

Ensure you copied the correct ewallet.p12 & cwallet.sso files from the $ARBORPATH/bin/wallet  from the essbase server.

In my case I copied the wrong wallet from the Essbase server and after copying the correct wallet files, the error message is gone.

shaikprodplan#>scp shaikprodess.shaik.com:$ARBORPATH/bin/wallet/* wallet/

Inovke the maxl and check again.

MAXL> login admin XXXXX on shaikprodess.shaik.com;
 OK/INFO - 1051034 - Logging in user [admin@Native Directory].
 OK/INFO - 1241001 - Logged in to Essbase.

MAXL> quit ;

  MaxL Shell completed

Essbase Error (1020051): Maximum number of rows processed[250000] exceeded [250000]

During Adhoc Analysis( Zoom in to next level) in  Smart View you may encounter the below error:
Essbase Error (1020051): Maximum number of rows processed[250000] exceeded [250000]

Essbase is configured to restrict 250000 rows.


To increase the limit from 250,000 to 500,000 or above update the essbase.cfg with the below parameter.

echo "SSPROCROWLIMIT 500000" >> essbase.cfg

epmprod#>grep SSPROCROWLIMIT essbase.cfg