Experience: is what you get soon after you need it.

Experience: is what you get soon after you need it.

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Enable FND Debug and get data from FND_LOG_MESSAGES table

Enable FND Debug and get log information from FND_LOG_MESSAGES table:


If the size of FND_LOG_MESSAGES table is too big? then

Considering running the concurrent request:  “Purge Debug Log and System Alerts”. 


 Enable Debug mode:-


1)Log into system admin responsibility and set the following profile options
FND: Debug Log Enabled - Yes
FND: Debug Log Level - Statement  (Consider other options from the drop down if needed)
FND: Debug Log Module - %

 2)Capture the Max sequence number
 SELECT MAX(log_sequence)  b4seq# FROM fnd_log_messages;

 3)Try to reproduce the issue with above user for which FND profile options are set.

4)Capture the Max sequence number again:
SELECT MAX(log_sequence) afterseq# FROM fnd_log_messages;

5)Run following select to get the log messages
log_sequence > b4seq# -1 and b4seq#