Experience: is what you get soon after you need it.

Experience: is what you get soon after you need it.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

DRM Create new Application

How to create a DRM Application.

Open the DRM Console.

Click Add and key in the details for the data base related and test the connection.

Click the repository creation wizard.

Here you have two options,
1) You can create the repository using DB - Admin credentials.
2) Generate the SQL scripts and hand them to DBA to execute the create scripts.

I am using the 2nd option here.

Click Next and modify the details according to your needs.

Click on "BACKUP FILE"

Click Next and save the file.

Click Finish.

Have the scripts executed in the DB.

Confirm the DB connection details in the repository configuration.

Start the Application.

Test the connection via web client.
Login:  Admin/Welcome!  <-- If you created the repository using scripts.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

rtld: 0712-001 Symbol CreateIoCompletionPort

/u0/app/grid/ =>./crsctl check has
exec(): 0509-036 Cannot load program crsctl.bin because of the following errors:
rtld: 0712-001 Symbol CreateIoCompletionPort was referenced
      from module /u0/app/grid/, but a runtime definition
      of the symbol was not found.
rtld: 0712-001 Symbol GetMultipleCompletionStatus was referenced
      from module /u0/app/grid/, but a runtime definition
      of the symbol was not found.
rtld: 0712-002 fatal error: exiting.


Enable the "iocp" option and  relink the oracle binaries.
To enable IOCP, set IOCP to Available using the following procedure:

Log in as root and run the following command:

# smitty iocp
Select Change / Show Characteristics of I/O Completion Ports.

Change configured state at system restart from Defined to Available.

Run the lsdev command to confirm the IOCP status is set to Available:

$ lsdev | grep iocp
iocp0 Available I/O Completion Ports

AIX Installation Fails with "rtld: 0712-001 Symbol CreateIoCompletionPort was referenced " (Doc ID 1949184.1)

EPM Planning shared services integration with OID/OVD

How to Integrate OID in EPM Planning

You need:
OID/OVD Host name & Port
Base DN(distinguished name)
User DN
Password for User (OID Connection)


Login to your workspace:
Go go Navigate --> Administer --> Shared Services Console

Click on Administration on Top:

 From Top down "Select Configure User Directories" & New

 Select LDAP " For Open LDAP/OID/OVD"

Select the directory type as OID:

Key in the details related to OID as shown below:

Click Save and Okay:
If you still want to keep the Primary directory   as Native then move down the newly created directory.
Remember your "Admin" login belongs to only Native then have the Native directory on the top of the list.

Search for the users from the OID

Note:-  If you are using OVD Then select the directory type to "Other"  and leave the "ID Attribute" to blank.

Provision the user and try to login as that user: