Experience: is what you get soon after you need it.

Experience: is what you get soon after you need it.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Configuring Diagwait & Miss count in 10g RAC

To set the diagwait in RAC:
1)shutdown RAC database if running
srvctl stop database -d
2) shutdown ASM if running
srvctl stop asm -n
login as root now:
3) shutdown crs
root@fwrkqrdb01cdp # /fwrk03/u0001/oracle/product/crs/bin/crsctl stop crs
Stopping resources. This could take several minutes.
Successfully stopped CRS resources.
Stopping CSSD.
Shutting down CSS daemon.
Shutdown request successfully issued.

root@# /fwrk03/u0001/oracle/product/crs/bin/crsctl get css diagwait
Configuration parameter diagwait is not defined.

root@fwrkqrdb01cdp # /fwrk03/u0001/oracle/product/crs/bin/crsctl start crs
Attempting to start CRS stack
The CRS stack will be started shortly

root@fwrkqrdb01cdp # /fwrk03/u0001/oracle/product/crs/bin/crsctl set css diagwait 13 -force
Configuration parameter diagwait is now set to 13.
root@fwrkqrdb01cdp # /fwrk03/u0001/oracle/product/crs/bin/crsctl get css diagwait
root@fwrkqrdb01cdp #

Refer to the below doc for the latest:
10g RAC: Steps To Increase CSS Misscount, Reboottime and Disktimeout [ID 284752.1]
set css misscount
Misscount: Network Latencies in second from node-to-node (Interconnect)

root@fwrkqrdb01cdp # /fwrk03/u0001/oracle/product/crs/bin/crsctl set css misscount 45
Configuration parameter misscount is now set to 45.

fwrkqrdb02cdp(CRS) /export/home/oracle
>crsctl get css misscount

1 comment:

Dany said...

Hi Sameer,

Have you tried to query css diagwait again after you set css misscount?

crsctl set css diagwait 13 -force
crsctl get css diagwait
crsctl set css misscount 45
crsctl get css misscount

and then
crsctl get css diagwait

What do you think?
Should it be the same on both value or not.