Experience: is what you get soon after you need it.

Experience: is what you get soon after you need it.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

11gR2 RAC -Find configured private and public interfaces on the cluster

Clusterware uses the interconnect for cluster synchronization (network heartbeat) and daemon communication between the the clustered nodes. This communication is based on the TCP protocol.
RAC uses the interconnect for cache fusion (UDP) and inter-process communication (TCP). Cache Fusion is the remote memory mapping of Oracle buffers, shared between the caches of participating nodes in the cluster. The volume and traffic patterns of this type of data, shared between nodes can vary greatly depending on the applications.

Unix and Linux

cluster interconnect IPC version:Oracle UDP/IP (generic)

cluster interconnect IPC version:Oracle 9i Winsock2 TCP/IP IPC

in 10gR1 x$ tables x$ksxpia and x$skgxpia provide the same information.

>srvctl config nodeapps -a

The value of the private interconnect for an instance can be identified using


    V$CLUSTER_INTERCONNECTS displays one or more interconnects that are being used for cluster communication.

    V$CONFIGURED_INTERCONNECTS displays all the interconnects that Oracle is aware of. This view aims to answer the question on where Oracle found the information about a specific interconnect.

    These views are not available in Oracle 10g 10.1.

  2. The alert.log
    • CLUSTER_INTERCONNECTS parameter is set
    • Value read from Cluster Registry

olsnodes -n -p can be used to identify the private node name.

You may also check the private node name in the ocrdump output.

ocssd.log has a line with clssnmClusterListener

NOTE:283684.1 - How to Change Interconnect/Public Interface IP or Subnet in Oracle Clusterware
NOTE:341788.1 - Recommendation for the Real Application Cluster Interconnect and Jumbo Frames
NOTE:368464.1 - How to Setup IPMP as Cluster Interconnect

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