Experience: is what you get soon after you need it.

Experience: is what you get soon after you need it.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Find Oracle database version

How to find which version of Oracle version is installed?

SQL> col product for a40
SQL> col version for a10
SQL> col status for a15

SQL> select * from product_component_version;

PRODUCT                  VERSION                                              STATUS
----------------------------------------                                   ---------- ---------------
NLSRTL                                                                   Production
Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition 64bit               Production
PL/SQL                                                                     Production
TNS for Linux:                                                          Production


SQL> select * from v$version;

Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
PL/SQL Release - Production
CORE    Production
TNS for Linux: Version - Production
NLSRTL Version - Production


SQL> select comp_id,version,comp_name,status from dba_registry;

COMP_ID                VERSION      COMP_NAME                   STATUS
------------------------------ ---------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------
OWB          OWB                                               VALID
APEX          Oracle Application Express           VALID
EM          Oracle Enterprise Manager                        VALID
AMD          OLAP Catalog                                   VALID
SDO          Spatial                                                 VALID
ORDIM          Oracle Multimedia                          VALID
XDB          Oracle XML Database                           VALID
CONTEXT       Oracle Text                                     VALID
EXF          Oracle Expression Filter                          VALID
RUL          Oracle Rules Manager                              VALID
OWM          Oracle Workspace Manager                     VALID
CATALOG       Oracle Database Catalog Views        VALID
CATPROC       Oracle Database Packages and Types       VALID
JAVAVM          JServer JAVA Virtual Machine           VALID
XML          Oracle XDK                                            VALID
CATJAVA       Oracle Database Java Packages        VALID
APS          OLAP Analytic Workspace                       VALID
XOQ          Oracle OLAP API                                    VALID

18 rows selected.




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